How to Do Keyword Research

In the SEO World, Times Are Changing

It is getting harder and harder to get the same results out of our organic efforts.

In a time where search engines reward context rather than keyword density, paid advertising results push organic search results down, and SERPs are helping searchers solve their problems more and more frequently with zero click searches, what is a marketer to do?

Keyword Research Has to Evolve

Keyword research was once a relatively simple endeavor where we focused on long-tail keywords and just produced a lot of content — it was less about the value of the content and more about the volume.

As more and more websites have jumped on the inbound marketing train and started to produce content, the first page of search results has become a far more difficult badge to obtain and the information marketplace has become increasingly crowded.

But that is exactly what makes doing keyword research and formulating a keyword strategy the right way so important.

Instead of seeing the changes to organic search as a barrier, we should see them as an opportunity to create more value to our audience and be more thoughtful about the way we create content and look to connect with our audience.

Keyword research is simply the first step in that process.

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