Using Volatility as an SEO Opportunity

1. Identify if it was one, a few or all your pages that saw a decrease in traffic.

If it was only a few, now is the time to optimize those. Look for chances you might have missed before.

2. Consider a website refresh… starting with an SEO audit.

Now is the right time to look for those quick wins from a technical perspective.

3. Identify the pages that are bringing the most leads and sales.

Learn from those pages and find ways to optimize other pages similarly, so you make the most of the traffic you are still getting.

4. If you stopped doing SEO or lost focus now is the time to revisit those plans you had.

Take this chance to take organic search seriously as a revenue driving channel with massive potential.

5. Build your business up as an authority in your field.

Develop your content marketing strategy based on keyword research. With keyword research you can discover what problems are people looking to solve and the questions they type into Google. Answer those questions in your content.

1. Find and analyse the top traffic pages.

Where is the traffic coming from (countries, keywords)? Could you optimize the content to get even more traffic? Could you use those keywords for your paid search campaigns too?

2. Make the most of the extra traffic.

Improve conversion rates for the high traffic pages to make the most of the extra traffic by A/B testing different layout and call-to-actions to optimize for conversions.

3. Don’t rest on your laurels despite the traffic increase.

Find ways to drive even more traffic to your website in new ways. Research why traffic increased… was it seasonal trends, better rankings, something else? See if you can expand your content around user intent related to your findings.

4. Make sure your leadership team sees the value of organic search.

Often organic search is overlooked or taken for granted as a channel in a healthy marketing mix. For SEOs, a traffic increase offers one of the biggest opportunities to prove value – if your business is cutting marketing budget in other areas, organic search can become the hero channel.

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